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(Darlings of Whapping Wharf Small Faces 'zine and more)

‘I’ve been involved in the music scene for over half a century and after listening to literally thousands of bands in that time I can honestly say that I’m not easily impressed, but impressed I am with the new Phoenix Road ‘The Mountaineer’ album.


It takes something a bit special to make me sit up and take notice nowadays and this album and band are indeed a ‘bit special.’ Very, very good songs with a contemporary feel but at the same time a definite 60s aftertaste. It is possible to combine the two and  Phoenix Road, whether they realise it or not, have achieved just that. I’m hooked!



Shindig Magazine

A reunion project that has grown from two old mates having a bit of fun into a studio album, a record deal and a gigging band: this story stretches back to DIY label and fanzine scene of the mid 90s. Back then Tom Hinton who kicked off this get together with his long lost buddy Jason Baldock, led the band HINTON who enjoyed some success on East Anglia's R*P*P*E*A*T Records. 

Joined by Andy Fairclough on Hammond organ, piano and other frills, an album was recorded at Crunch Studios in Norwich. After this they caught the ear of and were signed by Cambridge's Alley Club imprint, and its easy to see why they were.

There's an updated 60s vibe across all the track, with elements that incorporate everything from punchy power-pop and dreamy Mellotron backed ballads. Full of intent an energy it's well worth checking out.  



Smart Radio

A Stunning Debut Album with a modern, upbeat feel even though it’s roots are firmly influenced on the past. It is a Superb Album that’s Punchy, Catchy, with a Feel Good factor that makes it an album you’ll listen to again and again. The Mountaineer, an album guaranteed to remain on your playlist for many years to come.


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