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Phoenix Road is a mythical road. It flows like a dream from California, through the Northern climbs of the Soul and then tunnels deep beneath the Atlantic to the Old World. Here it passes through Brighton, Bath, Woking and through 1960's London Town, then up to Muswell Hill, before it continues through the East End. Rolling on beneath the wide open skies of the East, where it reaches its end and rises up from our yesterdays to become a Sound for today and all our tomorrows... This is the Sound of Phoenix Road!


Cambridge's very own Psychedelic Modrockers PHOENIX ROAD write, record and perform superb original songs with a classic late 60's vibe..

Intricate tales of love, loss, life and death are woven with scathing commentary on today's political landscape and put to music, with insanely catchy melodies, three part harmonies, heavy guitars and a rock solid rhythm section.

Two studio albums have been recorded and released on Alley Club Records and 2023 will see more releases and live shows.

The PHOENIX ROAD sound really is very much their own, but you may be able to hear shades of early Velvet Underground, Kinks, Who, Stones - alongside a sprinkling of Supergrass and a twist of Norther Soul. 





Feb 2023

From Oct to Feb PHOENIX ROAD have been writing and recording new material... some of which will be released soon. More gigs are lined up for this spring ... go to the UPCOMING GIGS page for details.

July  2022

From January to July 2022 PHOENIX ROAD played several live gigs... for the first time it was possible to get out and play.

Right now, gigs are on hold and all the focus is on recording new material.. Watch this space for more updates...

November 2021


A new chapter is being written in the PHOENIX ROAD story... when lockdown ended and the recording of OVER TEN THOUSAND SKIES was complete, it looked unlikely that a live gigs would be do-able with the original line up, who had all moved in all sorts of different directions and to distant locations. No fights or scandals to report and they are still all best of friends (or pen pals at least)!!!  

So a new line up has now been formed... and everyone lives in and around the Cambridge! This means that rehearsals and live shows are now much more do-able.  The sound is evolving and it will sound different on stage to the recordings (which it would anyway).

In addition to the live shows, new songs and more recording with the new line up is coming up in the new year.  


Tom Hinton - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar 

     has now joined forces with:

Yoann Roth - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lap Steel, Backing Vocals

Richard 'Richie' Lewis -  Bass, Backing Vocals

SImon Martin - Drums

Watch this space for updates, biogs and more news... and for gig announcements etc best to follow the facebook page.


It all began with a fun recording project, when Tom Hinton contacted his long lost buddy Jason Baldock to record ‘a song or two’ at The Crunch - Jason’s amazing recording studio near Norwich. One song became two and two became ten - and grand plans for a proper studio album called THE MOUNTAINEER were laid. Jason introduced Andy Fairclough and he was soon involved recording the Hammond Organ, Piano & Mellotron parts. Paul 'Sawty' Sawtell, heard some of the tracks over the summer, while they were in progress and loved the 60’s vibe. He quickly signed PHOENIX ROAD up to his new Cambridge based label;  Alley Club Records label, where the CD album can now be ordered.

That might have been the end of it, but Jason and Andy were up for playing live... Tom didn’t need too much persuading and set off to find a more musicians for the live shows. He was lucky enough to find the wonderful Ivan - a musical wizard recently moved from Croatia to North London. Ivan loved the songs and the sound and a match was made.  Simon Brice, one Tom's oldest buddies and former band mate, was up for playing lead guitar and so the line up was complete.

On 1.12.19, PHOENIX ROAD played their debut gig and album launch party at The Portland, Cambridge. The entire album was performed live, in track order to a good sized audience - and what a fun night that was!

During Covid more live shows weren't an option and the line up fragmented across great distances... nonetheless a second album was recorded during this time, with Jason drums, bass and production duties. Andy Fairclough laid down his Hammond, Melotron and various keyboard parts and Simon Brice recorded some lovely lead guitar parts via file sharing from France. 

The end result is the superb album OVER TEN THOUSAND SKIES... available now on most streaming platforms and alley club records




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