You’re in my heart, you’re on my brain
You’re everywhere, it’s so insane
That I can’t tell you how I feel
I read a book, watch tv
I see a film to, distract me
But I can’t get you outta my head


Oh no I’m not feeling alright
Can’t feel this for the rest of my life
So let me know, let it show, shine light for me
A neon sign, that says you’re mine
You could set me free
Oh no I’m not feeling okay
Can’t feel like this for the rest of my days

I came alone, to this place
Where death does walk, with such grace
And I felt you next to me
And In the wood, there was no peace
Drinkin’ alone, just one for tea
Nobody knew you there but me


Oh no I’m not feeling alright......


I went back the long way round
I couldn’t face the Underground
People just staring at each others feet
A city of strangers, none I want to meet

Cos it’s just you - it’s just you (baby) - so come on!


Oh no I’m not feeling alright...

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© 2016 by Tom Hinton